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Philadelphia Flower Show February 2018

Yellowdog Bonsai is the result of 30 years of study, hands-on practice and one person's passion engulfed by the living art of Bonsai. The proprietor, Bob Petrilli, an avid gardener, was "bit by the bonsai bug" after attending the Philadelphia Flower Show in 1991 and viewing the stunning specimens displayed by the Pennsylvania Bonsai Society and Rosade Bonsai Studio. At that point Bob dove in; reading everything he could get his hands on about bonsai, attended a beginners bonsai class and began growing his bonsai collection. Bob soon discovered that the process of utilizing various techniques to create a refined, styled bonsai transformed from rough nursery stock or collected plant material is what most inspired his creativity. Not to mention, it's really fun!

Through the years, Bob has continued to improve and expand his bonsai skills attending numerous bonsai conventions, demonstrations, and "workshopping" with bonsai artists from North America, Europe and Asia. But after 30 years, Bob still credits his appreciation of the art, his bonsai knowledge foundation, and "learning through doing" to his first and principal teacher, American bonsai master Chase Rosade.

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