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The "Bonsai Shuffle"

Last week was great! It was nice catching up with some of our bonsai friends and enjoying the weather. An early spell of warm weather can really put us in the mood to get our hands "in the dirt". Hopefully many of you were able to play with your bonsai last week! Careful though - its still much too early to bring your tropicals out in our area. No one enjoys doing the "bonsai shuffle" - bringing trees out for some sunshine only to bring them back in again because the night time temps are way too low.

We started some of our spring chores last week - potting up over 150 pre-bonsai; this year we've transitioned to Rootmaker (trademark name) grow pots. The premise being more fibrous root pads will in turn grow more ramified branches, resulting in better quality bonsai. As you can see in the photos the pot is designed to help the plant grow non circling root systems both horizontally & vertically by the use of small barriers and strategically placed drainage holes that also help air prune the roots. We're excited to see how these pots affect the growth of our pre-bonsai, both tropical and hardy trees.

Top left image shows staked Japanese junipers in 1 gallon pots and the top right deciduous are maples, hornbeams & elms. Stay tuned! We'll post their progress as they grow.

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